God's Heritage Ministries
About the Elect Lady 
She’s the wife of Pastor James C. Williams, Founder and Pastor of God’s Heritage Full Gospel Ministries, Inc. She’s been married for some 40+ years. She’s the mother of three sons: James Jr. (Tammy), Justin (Jessica), and Jeremy Williams. The grandmother of 7: Carlynn, Justin Jr., Johnathan, Laila, Kayla, Darian & Taparia  


She’s a young lady who at the age of 14 accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior. She joined Progressive Church of God in Christ (Gress) and remained a faithful, dedicated member until the birth of God’s Heritage Full Gospel Ministries (GHFGM). As a student of the Word of God, she continues to grow and mature in her walk with the Lord.


Regina loves the Lord with all her heart. She has a passion for God and a desire to please him first and foremost. She’s not caught-up in titles or positions, but she is caught-up in her relationship with the Father.  For it’s through him that she lives, move and have her being. 


Her love and devotion to her husband is her life-line. She serves him with grace, passion, and submissiveness. His success in God and life is the thing she pushes the most. She knows that through and because of God and the love of her husband, children, family and friends, that her life is whole and complete.


Regina has been an inspiration, role model, mentor, strength, counselor, advisor etc, to so many people…boys and girls, men and women alike. Not only has she impacted the lives of those in church, but many outside the parameters of church as well. 


When you read Proverbs 31, you can’t help but to think about First Lady Regina Williams; A woman of wisdom, knowledge and self worth. She's a woman of great poise, beauty, (from the inside- out) integrity, character and trustworthiness.    

Always abounding in the work of the Lord.....(1 Corinthians 15:58)